Trademark Legal Notice
Vegas.IM Ltd. protects the public and users from unauthorized and confusing uses of the trademark and to authorize proper uses of the mark through an accessible 'by permission' program. In return, the sublicensee must agree not to challenge Trevor Biscopes' ownership of the Vegas.IM™ and the Vegas.IM logo trademark in any jurisdiction, and agree to provide proper attribution of ownership on their goods, services and elsewhere. The Vegas Sublicense Agreement is available for review.

Here you can ask us, read our frequently asked questions, apply for permission, and/or report abuses that you've encountered.

The trademarks Vegas.IM™ and the Vegas.IM™ logo are used pursuant to a sublicense from Vegas.IM (Vegas License International LLC), the exclusive licensee of Trevor Biscope, owner of the mark on a world-wide basis.

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