Due to the risks associated when accepting no-card Credit Card and payments on the Internet, Vegas.IM has put in place the following verification procedure to help protect members and cardholders. There are currently three verification levels, please read below to know which one applies to you.

Level 1
Payment Authorization:

Required for any deposit over $50, this verification involves signing the Deposit authorizing Credit Card payments. Please send us this signed Deposit Receipt as soon as possible to avoid delays in verifying your payment.

You can find the print Deposit Receipt in your account history, and your Deposit page.

You can find our fax number on your receipt, you may also secure upload these documents to your account on the Contact Us page.

Level 2
Credit Card Verification:

Required on a case by case basis, as determined by Vegas.IM staff, this verification is typically necessary for large credit card transactions. It involves signing your Deposit Receipt, authenticating ownership of the card, as well as sending us documents that help us identify you. You may send it in advance to expedite the verification procedure.

Documents Required:

  • A copy of your last credit card statement.
  • A piece of identification (ie. driver's license).

  • Important: For security reasons, please hide the first 12 numbers of your credit card and any other personal information you do not feel comfortable sending Vegas.IM.

    You can find our fax number on your Deposit Receipt. You may also secure upload documents to your account on the Contact Us page.

    Level 3
    Address Verification:

    Only required in rare cases for large credit card payments. Vegas.IM staff will notify you if this type of verification is necessary. If address verification is required, we will mail a check, for a random amount below one dollar, to the billing address for your credit card. When received, you must notify us of the amount of your check, to verify your billing address.

    Verification is only required once for each Credit Card number.